Friday, January 02, 2015

Take 131

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Our trip to the East Coast had three stages:
A weekend in New Jersey with my aunt and uncle,
24 hours in New York City, thanks to a Groupon hotel stay 2 blocks from Times Square,
and finishing off the week at Grandma's house on Long Island.

It was a great trip! We had lots of fun, and I collected a few things to share with you...
--- 2 ---
We discovered that having George sleep in his own room is a real blessing.
Thanks to a wicked ear infection, we spent a lot of time holding a crying baby...
in the middle of the night.
--- 3 ---
Which leads me to:
George's awesome doctor.
He called me while I was chowing down on lobster and shrimp roll in Times Square to tell me that he'd happily call a prescription in for me.
 (George's last meal without amoxicillin. Thank the good Lord.)

Off we went! Walking to a CVS on Lexington.
Feeling very... officially New York City dwellers.
If only for 24 hours.
--- 4 ---
We stayed at Row NYC.
This hotel was pretty cool, actually.
Modern white rooms, clean, and pleasantly compact.
(It is NYC.)

We checked in, walked to the elevators, the door opened,
I got on, and saw no numbers to punch for floors.

The door was closing,
and I shoved my booted foot in that door thinking,
 "_____ NO!" Get me off the elevator to no where, thankyouverymuch.

Brian looked at me confused and laughing, when I explained myself and he explained that instead of just requesting "UP" in the hallway, he actually told it a floor number, and it in turn gave Brian an elevator to get on... Wow. Impressive. 
(Ok, fine. The door can close.)

 (Even George didn't mind the hotel.)
--- 5 ---
We were very lucky to have balmy weather the whole time we were there.
Never in my life have I enjoyed a December in NYC walking around Rock-a-fell-a Cent-a with warm toes and warm ears. It was deeee-lightful.
On Christmas Eve? It almost hit 60!
Sure, we lugged George around for a week of travel...
But we didn't need 10 lbs of clothes per person!
--- 6 ---
After some medicine and some time to get  used to the hustle and bustle,
George finally found his voice.
He'd been there 20 hours, and he had things to say to NYC.
And he said them.
--- 7 ---
Well, most of the highlights happen to be from NYC, BUT
We had all sorts of fun throughout the week!
It was great fun seeing family...
So, here are a few photos to round out today's post:

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Welcome to the New Year!
Thanks for all your prayers for my Mama.
Keep 'em coming!

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