Friday, December 19, 2014

Take 130

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
This year we went for a smaller Christmas tree than usual...
And I think it's quite cute.
--- 2 ---
Remember all the snow we had in November?
It even started on Halloween!

Well... December has been downright balmy and 
lovely weather for strolls around the neighborhood. 
Dreams of a white Christmas are... melting away.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to Sheila for sending this along.
It's a great encouragement for the beginning of the last week of Advent!
--- 4 ---
I've found myself on multiple occasions thinking,
"QUICK! Brian's out of the house! Play Amy Grant Christmas Music!"

And, I wasn't unfounded in that behavior, because just this week,
he happened upon the dining room when one of her songs was playing...
And... I was right to keep the fun all to myself.
--- 5 ---
I've had a very dry patch of skin on my hands and in an effort to finally heal it, 
I've started using cleaning gloves while I'm doing dishes.

I must say that I'm shocked with how much I must clean by "feel".

I seem to be needing to relearn how to wash dishes without the sense of touch.
--- 6 ---
Thanks to Facebook, I discovered that Pope Francis had a birthday this week.
The funny thing is, I feel like he's had four birthdays in the past 6 months...
According to Facebook posts.
Am I going crazy?
Or has anyone else experienced this?
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday from both a happy and an unhappy tree chooser.

Thanks for hosting, Kelly!

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