Friday, December 05, 2014

Take 128

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Thanks so much for everyone who's already been praying for my Mama, Pam, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm so proud of her courage and God-filled attitude.

Feel free to pray for her as she began chemo this week.
Love you, Mama!
--- 2 ---
We spent a lovely weekend in Indianapolis visiting with her and my family.
I was reminded, thanks to my New York family, of this awesome tourist tips video:
Please enjoy.
--- 3 ---
Also in Indianapolis, Mom and Dad exposed me to...
(Drumroll please)
Donut Chocolates
--- 4 ---
Well, we're getting our Christmas tree this weekend!
We've done this every year with Brian's parents and sister, Mairin, 
and it's always been very fun!

The UN-fun part of this project is attempting to make the tree fit in the living room without removing any of the furniture... Each year (ok- only two so far- hah!) it's a big hassle.

This is what I did last year:
I become more like my Mama with each year... :) Hooray!
(Now we need to just alter this plan based on furniture changes we've made in the past year!)
--- 5 ---
My wonderful in-laws got this mailing delivered to their house:

I picked it up and chuckled. 
YES! That's it! I'm cleaning my house and I'm the WRONG person!
So glad they told me!
Clearly, I'm not the target market of house-cleaning companies.
--- 6 ---
When I received my new (and FREE!) iPhone 5s, I received a free case.
I'll admit it, I hate this case. It's got no "grip" material, so when I put it on a book on my lap, it'd slide down toward me. If I was wearing gloves, it'd slip, slip, slip.
BUT! Replacing things I already have isn't really a luxury I can afford,
so I was determined to be grateful and satisfied.

Then! My friend got a new iPhone and gave me her case.
It's grippy and thin, just like I would've hoped for.
She and the Lord are very good to me.
Unnecessary gift. So grateful.
--- 7 ---
I just finished reading "The Power of a Praying Life" by Omartian this morning.
It was a great book! And, in light of QuickTake #1, the timing of the book was perfect.
There was a lot in there about trusting in the Lord, his healing power and all sorts of things, but (not surprisingly), her section on perfectionism struck home. She essentially says that while order is necessary for perfectionists to function well, perfectionism is a goal that will make both you and those around you dissatisfied and unhappy.

Good reminder. Especially during Advent and Christmas-time, where expectations, traditions and hopes of the perfectionist (ME) run quite high! :)

PSA: Jen Fulwiler has passed the baton and Kelly is the new host of the Quick Takes.
We'll miss you, Jen!


  1. I want those donut candies!! Wow. Also, that living room diagram...isn't that going a bit too far? Lol

  2. Praying for your wonderful mother!!
    (Maybe I should ask for some of those donut candies for Christmas)? Just thinking....

  3. That NYC tourist video is fantastic!!! Love it. "GET OUTTA DA WAY"