Friday, November 28, 2014

Take 127

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Two years ago, I gave you this post on Christmas music.
I feel like it's worth sharing it again.
Because we can now listen to Christmas music!
If you're me. And maybe you.
--- 2 ---
We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!
Thanks to Brian's parents for hosting and for all of the extended C. family and the wonderful company and food they provided! It did not disappoint.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to the privilege of a few dishes at Beth and Brian's...
I have decided that all kitchen sinks should have a heat vent coming out of the floor board under the sink. Seriously the best reward ever for doing dishes.
Warm toes.
--- 4 ---
I'd like to share this baby product.
I'll admit that the seams are a bit weak between the pant legs,
but I LOVE not having George's little calves exposed to the bitter cold weather.
His pants and socks typically get separated... but NO more.
--- 5 ---
George's new shipment of disposible diapers, which we use at night,
have a very strong "baby powder" smell.
Oddly, this brings me back to 1990's baby dolls.
For some reason, I think some of them had smelly plastic.
Anyone else remember this?
--- 6 ---
We discussed Thanksgiving plans with a group of friends of mine recently and a friend shared that every year their family serves Thanksgiving dinner to those who have no where to go or are otherwise homeless (from what I understood) and then they have their own dinner on Friday every year. I was so delighted by this. It's awesome.
--- 7 ---
Brian and I sat in the kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening and I had been really working hard to solve the fact that I was supposed to cook my frozen apple pie without thawing it... But it was in glass! So, I certainly couldn't move the glass pan directly from the freezer into a 350 degree oven... 

I firmly resolved to attempt to "Pop" this pie out of it's pan. (Crazy, right?)
As I held on tight and Brian "knocked" on the bottom, after separating the scalloped edge, we watched, waited and prayed...

And it worked! I was dumbfounded.
And we had an historic high-five and I yelped a glad yell just loud enough to worry about waking my sweet babe... Thankfully, he remained asleep.

I transferred the frozen pie to a room temperature pan (in parchment paper!) and kept it in the freezer until the next morning... when I transferred it back to a room temperature pan before baking it. Success!

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  1. Wow about the pie! Maybe if you put the pie in the oven at cold then preheated it...the glas would warm up with the oven?

    Love to see the hat!!