Friday, November 21, 2014

Take 126

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
In thinking deeply on the matter,
 I've decided that "Fun Size" is the worst name ever for a miniature candy bar.
--- 2 ---
In other naming matters, Land O'Lakes butter has a shortened name:
--- 3 ---
But, I digress.

This month marks the end of a disappointing first-time mother mistake...
I checked the wrong box for immunizations
Yes, I do have insurance.
Wah Wah, but I'm actually underinsured (when it comes to immunization coverage).
6 months later, we're done paying off a hefty immunization bill.
Cheers to learning your way through healthcare for children!
--- 4 ---
I had a thought this week that I should keep a list of "phone chores".
We have this beautiful bedroom furniture with intricate detail that always needs dusting...
Phone chore: a chore too small and detail oriented to ever actually get completed.
Because Lord knows I never get to it otherwise.
--- 5 ---
Have you heard of the weather in Buffalo?
Holy Buckets of snow!
--- 6 ---
Thanksgiving is coming!
And, so is the Macy's Day Parade!
Last year, I watched the wrong parade broadcast.
I kept thinking, "The parade stinks this year!"
(None of the live performances were covered.)
I will not make this mistake again.
So excited!
--- 7 ---
I leave you with the lyrics from my nephew Lucas' song at school this week:
(To the tune of Frere Jacques)
Turkey and Stuffing
Turkey and Stuffing
Pumpkin Pie
Ten feet high
I was so much thinner
Before I ate my dinner!
Me Oh My!
Me Oh My!

   Thanks for hosting, Kelly!

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