Friday, November 14, 2014

Take 125

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I bought a couple of hand soap dispensers at an estate sale this year.
I immediately noticed that they gave about 1/2 the amount of soap as a new one today.
I must say, I appreciate this. I always have too much soap on my hands, and I've really enjoyed having the old ones. I wonder who makes the decision on those types of changes?
Soap companies cutting a deal with dispenser designers?
--- 2 ---
This week, I had my second of five necessary visits regarding my teeth.
I must say, I have never had Novocaine make my eye numb. Crazy feeling.
--- 3 ---
Sometimes, I make sudden realizations that are really helpful.
For example, I don't need to keep carrying 2 TBSPs of salad dressing in tiny tupperwares to work. I can buy a whole bottle and keep it at work.
This has had a surprisingly large affect on my work life.
--- 4 ---
I've had a bit of neck and shoulder pain this week. My Mom, a fantastic nurse, recommended ice and ibuprofen. I have to admit it, when it's below 40 degrees outside, I have a hard time imagining icing anything... so I applied heat. 
Let's just say I still have neck pain.
Maybe I should sit on a heating pad and ice my neck at the same time?
--- 5 ---
Speaking of freezing, we got over a foot of snow in the past 24 hours!
I said to Brian, "What if I can't grocery shop tomorrow??"
He replied, "We'll have to eat snow!"
Then he says, "No seriously, I was planning to mow the lawn this weekend."
haha. Love that guy.
--- 6 ---
While I was trying to check the weather, I noticed this:
Oh look! Indianapolis! It's a cool photo of Indy in the background!
 I wonder what they used for South Bend?
Umm, that's a cabin. In the middle of nowhere.
Oh my gosh, it's an advertisement for Montana.
Wah wah.
--- 7 ---
This weekend, Aunt Mary Ann, Uncle Patrick, Kelly and Emily are coming!
They're going to the ND game (pray for their cold toes!) and we're so excited to have them!

And they're bringing bagels from NY. Life could NOT get any more exciting

   Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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