Friday, November 07, 2014

Take 124

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
We had a delightful Halloween!
It was George's first and he was a bit overstimulated by all of the kids walking around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and darn! Was it ever cold!
But, he survived. :) 
Thanks to the B. family for trick-or-treating with us!
Stella was a very polite trick-or-treator and we had lots of fun! :)
 Thanks to Brian's parents who hosted a last minute dinner and hang-out!
It was warm inside with a beautiful fire! Sigh of happiness...
--- 2 ---
Brian captured George's first (conscious) snow!
(We have to say conscious because when we took G home from the hospital, South Bend was practically unrecognizable with mounds of snow and it was -40 degrees with windchill!)
--- 3 ---
We also had a great celebration of Brian's Grammy's 75th birthday this weekend!
It was a lovely catered meal, which meant that everyone relaxed and enjoyed one another.
It was an absolute treat!
Also, the outtake was too much fun! I had to post it.
--- 4 ---
We've made a decision about technology!
We have been back-and-forth about whether the next step is to buy an apple computer, an iPad, a combination or nothing at all... My computer is slow-chugging these days...
And I love to edit my photos, which cannot be done on an iPad.

Apple TV and iPad it is!
The Apple TV is on the way and we're waiting for a refurbished Sprint compatible iPad.
I'm planning to clean out my current MacBook Pro of anything that's not essential to blog writing, photo editing, Facebook posting and Microsoft programs.

To say the least, we're excited about being able to stream shows that won't skip!! 
As if skip was still an appropriate word for what I'm talking about... heh.
Oh, and I'm also excited to master iCloud and family sharing!
--- 5 ---
So, have you ever heard this song? 

I'm sorry, but every time I hear this, 
I just can't help but thinking about Michael W. Smith circa 1987.
I've spent more than a responsible amount of time this morning trying to find exactly what song the bass line of "Everlasting God" reminds me of.
In any case, I just get thrown back to my childhood every. single. time.
Can anyone place it?
--- 6 ---
It's November, and Facebook is littered with grateful hearts. My sister Melanie posted on Instragram about being grateful for simple things. I have to admit, this is also something the Lord has been saying to me lately, too. 
It's too easy for me to be thinking about the next best thing, or to be not focused on the present. This morning, I'm grateful. Grateful for a God who loves me, my family, my friends, a good job, a home to live in, coffee to drink and a baby that's still sleeping...
--- 7 ---
This weekend is the People of Praise Women's Retreat! I'm grateful to Linda who's letting me stay in her guest bedroom to make the retreat more of a retreat despite our "staying-in-town" retreat of 2014. :)

   Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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