Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Month Ten

(You don't really lay down for photos much anymore!
And, it seems all my photos of you are when you're fighting a cold. Poor Kiddo.)

Things I love about George 
in the season of month ten:

-Crawling. You crawl so fast I can barely get the fridge closed before you're in it!
-You have discovered our indoor swimming pool toilet. Ew. Splish Splash. Soap. Soap.
-You like to stand up with your hands in the air and practice balancing.
-You eat almost everything we eat in small, tiny bites... Kale? Not so much.
-You have five teeth!
-You dressed up for your first Halloween and we walked around while Stella trick-or-treated. It was snowing and you were wondering what the big deal was... 
-Naked time! Every night! Rough housing with Papa. You're favorite!

-You still love to dance. 
-You still hate to get dressed.
(PS- George has stopped doing this. BUT, it was cute while it lasted.)

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