Friday, October 31, 2014

Take 123

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
We have another bar recipe!
I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the Scotcheroo...
Thanks to Brian's cousin, Bonnie!
--- 2 ---
Speaking of baking... I had some apples and wanted to try out my Aunt Laurie's pie crust recipe! (Well, I believe it's from Chris P. in NY...) So, I made an apple pie and froze that baby (unbaked) for Thanksgiving!
It's the happiest I've ever been when rolling out a pie crust.
The secret? Egg. And no, it didn't crack in 800 places as I put it in the pie pan.
I can't wait to eat it!
--- 3 ---
When one has a hand drying towel and a clean dishes drying towel,
which towel do you use to dry the outside of a washed apple?
--- 4 ---
Apparently, it's all kitchen this week.
Remember all of my green tomatoes?
Check out the success of my brown paper bag ripening!
 Not bad, folks. There are a lot of them!
--- 5 ---
I took a fun 24 hour trip to Michigan this past weekend!
I got to see my sisters Katie and Melanie-it was fun!

While I was road tripping, I was constantly disappointed when 
Admiral Gas Stations 
 weren't sbarros restaurants.
One track mind for thin pizza? Probably guilty.
--- 6 ---
When I was in Michigan, Melanie shared an old Costa Rican saying with me:
Whoever spills their beer surely hates their mother.
New favorite.
(Joe and Sarah- this is especially for you.)
--- 7 ---
Happy All Saints Eve and Halloween!
   Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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