Friday, October 03, 2014

Take 119

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Last week I shared winning bar recipes! Well, we have one more...
For lack of a better method to share it with you, I've put a pdf here. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you Christine Z's adapted Chocolate Caramel Slices!
--- 2 ---
It probably shouldn't have taken me 10 minutes to figure out Word doc to PDF to JPG. But it did. And I thought I'd tell you that.
--- 3 ---
I've discovered this week, that while George moves all. the. time., if you simply do a bit of stretching on the floor with him, he'll stop moving and just stare. Hilarious.
--- 4 ---
For some reason, when I take video, I always take them vertically. It's my natural go-to. And I regret it. Every. Time. Maybe I should put a sticky note on my iPhone??
Shamelessly reposting cute videos.
--- 5 ---
I'm listening to Great Expectations on audio book from the library.
It's a whopping 16 hours!
But, I like the reader.
So, when my first 12 day rental expired, I sighed a heavy sigh, because usually, when I let a rental expire at my library, someone snatches it right up and I never know if I'll get it back in time to remember any of the story.

Strange. No one snatched up Great Expectations.
--- 6 ---
My sister, Melanie, gave me the book "On the Night You Were Born" at some point during my pregnancy. I read 1/3 of it when I was pregnant and said, "Oh heck no." It was way too awesome to get through without blubbering.

Well, I read it to George last week. And yes, I finally read the entirety of this book.
And sobbed.
Yes, Brian even came in to make sure I was ok...
Rocking and sobbing away, with George on my lap...
Hah. Get used to it, Georgo.
--- 7 ---
I finally cleared our fridge of last year's Christmas cards.
I'm torn every year because I love to see all those wonderful faces, but I absolutely adores a clear fridge surface... Well, thank you, Pinterest! I took all of them down from the front and added photos to my iPhone contacts so that the photos don't disappear entirely, though I get my fridge awesomeness look back... 
Next consideration?? 
Whether to paint our fridge white or not.
(I kind of like this idea... Our stove is white and our microwave and dishwasher are black.)

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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