Friday, September 26, 2014

Take 118

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
The People of Praise bar baking contest is over!
Thanks, Grandma, for making me a second place winner (of my category)!

If you have a hankerin' for bars, here are:
Sarah N's Chocolate Crunch Brownies,
Pete T's Sweet and Savory Bars,
Kristen S's Iced Pumpkin Cookies (See below for her alternate icing recipe),
And lastly...
my Grandma Ginger's Cookie Jam Squares:
(Doesn't she have fantastic handwriting??)
(If I gather more recipes, I promise to share them!) 
--- 2 ---
Brian spent a part of last weekend getting some of our wall hangings up.
He is the best.
Our house feels more home. 
--- 3 ---
Everyone in the blog world is saying it.
But I say it, too:
Happy Autumn!
I wait all year for this season.
Yes, bold and italics. All year.
It is by far the best season.
Happy apples, pumpkins, colors that look good on me, and crunchy leaves.
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Melanie for my Birthday/Christmas/Hannukah/Whatever gift!
This bag holds my personals, my Canon 30D, a diaper, wipes and changing pad.

And it's très cute, to boot!
(Three cheers for not switching between purse and diaper bag each week.)
--- 5 ---
Dear Light Coconut Milk,
 You are not even a close second.
You are the last.
Next time, we go for the real deal.
Full FAT Coconut Milk.
All the way.
--- 6 ---
Craigslist gifted me with two new Pampered Chef stones!
For $29, I have a new pizza stone and cookie sheet stone. Oh happy day!
I cooked these up the same evening they entered my house.
They're super good.
--- 7 ---
Happy 8 months to that soon! (More on that tomorrow)

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Kristen's icing: 2 cups confectioners sugar, 1 Tbsp lemon juice, 2 Tbsp heavy cream, 
adding milk to reach desired consistency 

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