Friday, September 12, 2014

Take 116

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
I went to Colorado!
It was an absolute treat! I went to help out my sister Bethanne and her family.

This little guy arrived on August 15!
Jack Edwin Walter was six weeks early, and thankfully, is now home with his family.
--- 2 ---
Some quotes from Jack's siblings:
"Well, you are the newest relative to visit, so yes, you can get me breakfast.
"Lettuce wraps are for dinner? I'm just not that into lettuce."
"What else do you like on your turkey sandwich?" "Meat."
"Why is your car blue? Did your Dad paint it?"

To say the least, it was a fast 2.5 day visit, but oh-so-worth-it!
I enjoyed every minute of it!
--- 3 ---
Travel tips that I need to remember:
-Medicine bottles are perfect toys for infants on a plane.
-Eat meat. You'll get less nauseated on the plane.
-Disposable diapers. They leak. Almost every time they poop. (I love our Gdiapers!) 
-When traveling alone with an infant, I desired drive-thru rest stops. First time ever.
-Car rental companies aren't allowed to install your car seat. Add 20 minutes to travel.
-That flight attendant that just woke up your child with a loud, "Thank you!" will coo at your child 5 minutes later. Somehow, my heart wasn't softened by her sweetness.
--- 4 ---
The fall installment of the garden is in!
The basil, rosemary, cayenne peppers and some of the chard are still going.
I took 5 of my squares and planted 3 squares of spinach and 2 of lettuce.
--- 5 ---
Thanks to a generous coworker, I ate a klondike bar this week! 
It was the first one in a long while.
Hello teeny-tiny shrinking ice cream bar!
--- 6 ---
We rented our house out for the Notre Dame game this past weekend!
It was quite the week getting our house ready and packing me up to go to Colorado, 
but we survived!
Thank you, renters, for not breaking anything and for leaving us vodka.
You're the best.

However, I missed Camppatton being in South Bend.
Wishing I was the biggest fan who had run into you in South Bend. :)
--- 7 ---
Thirteen years ago, on September 11th
I wasn't aware of any major crisis until about lunchtime, 
when our school in Falls Church, VA could confidently locate the parents of each of our students, some of whom were working in the Pentagon.
What a terrible, horrific day. 

Thank you to my Uncle Patrick who was in NYC as a policeman on 9/11.
Thank you to all those who defend our freedom and serve us.
And Lord be with all of those who are suffering and who face terrible acts like these today.

 Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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