Tuesday, September 30, 2014

It just seemed right

A year ago today, we made our way during the work day to see you for the first time. You gave us our first surprise--you were a boy! We were beyond thrilled to call family and friends to tell them the news and how much we already loved you. Of course, I shared it here, too.

Last night, you had trouble settling in to bed. It might've been the first tooth that's popping through, the cooler air of the season moving in, or maybe I was just feeling extra... generous. But, as I sat in your new room, books to our left, crib to the right and the rocker moving back and forth, back and forth, you sat quietly, touching my cheek, sucking on your pacificer, in and out, in and out, it just seemed right. 
Right where I wanted to be. 
Nevermind sleep training.
Cuddles don't last long.
We're so glad you've made us a family.

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