Friday, August 29, 2014

Take 115

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Remember coffee klatsching? This week was full of it! 
And it's not even over, yet! I've been trying to get more of it in after a summer of a little extra work which equaled not a lot of seeing of other mamas.
TJ and George, checkin' each other out at Kids' Group last week.
--- 2 ---
Some sunscreen news that my Dad sent along to his beautifully freckled daughters.
The three redheads in this household use it a. lot.
In fact, I plan to buy three bottles at the end of season sales this week...
A bottle for the diaper bag, one for the house, one for the car... you know.
--- 3 ---
Football season starts tomorrow! 
(That's if you don't already consider it started. We've already watched a preseason game.)

Thanks to this being my 3rd year of a married football season, I've gotten wise(r).
All of the Notre Dame games are on our shared calendar.
I will not be surprised by 4 hour chunks of time every Saturday.
And this year, we have George to enjoy it with us! 
AND, I won't be studying for the Series 7!
--- 4 ---
We have an unbelievable crop of cayenne peppers from our garden this year.
So I asked Google... What does one does one do with all of them?
And then I realized we use ground cayenne pepper in our house all the time!

Now I just need to decide if grinding them in our coffee grinder is an option...
Umm, no. Spicy coffee, anyone?
Still trying to solve that one...
--- 5 ---
At the end of each work day, I've been putting our office mail into the UPS box.
It's a drive-through lane.
It's impossible for me to deposit anything into the box without getting out of my car.
So it ends up being this delicate balance between an open car door, an open UPS box door and my head... The last of which has been hit several times...

Why isn't the box closer to the curb??
--- 6 ---
We have a new restaurant in Granger!
Rocky River Tab and Table
I'm excited to try out a "Farm to Fork" restaurant in town.
 We don't have a lot of them... Anyone been there? Is it good?
--- 7 ---
Thanks, Kristin E. for this... 
It made my week!
(And I hadn't ever heard of Alice Babs!)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. We have a coffee grinder that we use just for spices....purchased at St. Vincent de Paul for $3. :)

  2. Too funny, I also discovered Alice Babs this week, thanks to Mary Martha! Super fun:

  3. I was going to suggest a thrifted grinder as well! Then when you get future bumper crops of peppers or herbs, you can use it there. No way I could endure cayenne coffee. hehe

    There's something so cozy about football season, even if I can't get into it. After 11 years of marriage, I've learned it's not a great time to have an in-depth conversation, but that's ok!

    Also, your lovely face always compels me to visit during 7QT! You are so beautiful!

  4. That sunscreen video was wild!!

  5. Pickle some of those peppers. Pickling is super easy and very yummy when serving sandwiches. Also you can dry them and they will just crumble. I sometimes use a needle and thread and string them up to dry. Happy harvesting '