Friday, August 08, 2014

Take 112

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
First things first:
10 points to Pat C. of Portland for finding this iPhone work around to this problem.
I've tested "tl" and on my phone it now expands to "the Lord".
Thanks for reading my blog, Pat, and having fantastic ideas!
--- 2 ---
Speaking of the iPhone, I have always had trouble figuring out the difference between the photo stream, what's saved on my computer, whether it's the "full version" or not, etc.

For those who are wondering and have found the internet to be unhelpful (what?!),
here's what I've concluded:

Full versions go from stream to iPhoto via stream without your manually moving them.
That process doesn't remove photos from your phone.
Yes, stream does take up space on your phone.
You can delete your entire camera roll at once by uploading via Image Capture.
You can delete your entire photo stream all at once from iPhoto.
(You can only select one photo at a time on your phone to delete.)

Ok, so I'll admit it.
This is just for me.
So I can remember/find it next time I want to dump my phone's photos 
and be confident that I'm not losing all of my photos.
--- 3 ---
We went to Mexico!
Thanks to Brian's parents who so graciously invited us to spend vacation with them!

I didn't get a whole bunch of photos of the three of us...

But here we are enjoying Chicago for an afternoon before flying out of Midway at 9 am.
--- 4 ---
Thanks to having time to swim in the ocean,
I've proven that my hips are capable of a backwards flip post George.
(Nevermind the fact that it gave me a charlie horse in my hip.)
--- 5 ---
George also proved something on vacation:
he startles MUCH less easily by loud noises than even 2 weeks ago.
However, fire is a no go.
Thank you Japanese restaurant for proving that.
Grandpa Bud would be proud. His fire chief awesomeness would approve of George's fear and insist that the candles have no place ever and that the paper towels should absolutely be stored in a different part of the kitchen than the toaster.

I'll have to do a whole post dedicated to Mexico... the photos haven't even found their way off of my camera, yet... But I promise they'll come!
--- 6 ---
We survived the first week back...
Brian was sick.
Then I was sick.
And George is finally started to sleep a little better...
Hooray for that!

Oh, and now it's August.
Bring on Trinity and the soccer season!
How did that happen so quickly?!
--- 7 ---
We also got to see my parents this weekend!
Hooray for Grandma and Grandpa S!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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