Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Month Seven

Things I love about George 
in the season of month seven:

-I tried to give you solid food... but I chickened out! (heh. Sorry.) You want food, but nursing is also working just fine. Your thunder thighs prove that I'm not starving you.
-Your "words" are "ba" and "ma". You don't really mean to say Mama... but you do. It's cute.
-Your lungs also work marvelously. You can out scream practically anyone!
-You became a world traveler this month! The airplane didn't bother your ears... 
and seemed to help in other departments... 
(Hello two dirty diapers... on the way there and the way home!)
-You started taking pacifiers this month, just in time for our plane rides. 
You now use them every time you go to bed.
-You had your first bath in the big tub (while sitting in the toddler tub). It was our first official "bath time" where you played with little squeeze toys and splashed around. 
I'm pretty sure we both enjoyed it! And you came out squeaky clean!
-You're almost crawling! You can get to that toy, but it takes you quite some time.

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