Friday, July 25, 2014

Take 111

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
Have you noticed the Pandora ads? We clearly don't pay for Pandora, so I have noticed them... and I have to admit, they're kind of clever.

I'm still chuckling at things like,
"Twin beds are not special beds for twins."
"We can tell by your music tastes that you are smart."
(Just like everyone else.) 
--- 2 ---
I finally got around to doing something with our dehydrated New Mexico chilies.
I used this recipe and only Brian has tasted the result so far. :) 
I chickened out. (I'm a buttered potato kind of gal, you know?)
I have the results frozen for our burrito/taco salad/etc kind of meals. 
Feeling domestic over here.
--- 3 ---
Spring comes with a bang (especially when you live in South Bend) and I spend a blissful month or two filling our home with fresh flowers. 
 Well, the spring comes and goes and our yard isn't so full after spring ends,
but it definitely makes the summer flowers even more appreciated!

Gladiola for the win!
--- 4 ---
Do you ever have the perfect Saturday?
 I'm learning to master the art of chores, grocery shopping and a little one who likes to sleep in his own bed... So, one Saturday I was feeling all triumphant. So I took this photo.
I'd accomplished a lot. Shopping was done. George had had two good naps in his own crib...
And then I worked on my contribution for a dinner with friends.
Painstakingly aligning all my veggies like so
And believe me, George was cranky. It was 5:15 and Mama was working hard in the kitchen.
Maybe to the expense of my child's happiness...

And then.

I dropped the whole unbaked dish of veggies (formerly aligned) onto the kitchen floor.
And had to rinse the sauteed olive oil, onion and garlic goodness off of them...
(Because it was mingled with ... floor stuff.)

I wish I could say I kept my cool.
...I guess I still have some work to do on rollin' with the punches!
--- 5 ---
George went in a lake this week!

He wasn't all that pleased.
In his defense, he was basically ready for bed.
And we were first time torture parents. :)
--- 6 ---
Did you know that South Bend city has a 311 number?
It's a number you can call when you have questions or concerns regarding South Bend.
So, one day on the way home from work, I called.
I called and explained my frustration at a new traffic light they put in near Notre Dame.
This green arrow for turning left wasn't long enough for 1 car--maybe two-- during our traffic minute in South Bend. So, I called.
Less than a month later?
5 cars rolled through!
I felt heard. And Happy.
Way to go, Pete Buttigieg.
--- 7 ---
Ever notice how your iPhone corrects "the lord" with "The Lord" and not "the Lord"?
Big pet peeve. How do I turn that off?!

Thanks for hosting, Carolyn!

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