Friday, June 27, 2014

Take 107

7 Quick Takes Friday
  --- 1 ---
This gal went camping!  
In case you don't know that this is a big deal-- 
This is a big deal.
"I don't camp" was the tune I sang and I emerged from my single years 
with nary a camping trip (much to my own surprise, frankly). 
I fell in love. And went camping...
And I was a literal happy camper. :)
--- 2 ---
Thanks to my cousin Kelly who bought Passport books for her the new little cousins in honor of our grandparents! Bud and Mary had traveled to many national parks and Kelly wants their great-grandchildren to  

"Put down your smart phone and enjoy the Grand Canyon or Zion. See what millions of others have seen and feel your great-grandparents smiling down on you. Travel and love."

Thanks, Kelly. I admit to a few tears out of love for our grandparents 
and your kindness in honor of them. What a great gift.
--- 3 ---
I was very excited to have George start to face-out in carriers... 
I just didn't anticipate that he'd be unable to keep his head up himself once he fell asleep... 
--- 4 ---
Beth P. mentioned at a recent baby shower that young mothers should get into the photo. She claimed, "Your 50 year old self with think your 30 year old self is adorable!"

That has been often quoted by us young mothers (who do indeed feel tired and not necessarily camera-ready). It reminded me of this post by Alisa Burke, an artist whose blog I've enjoyed following, mostly because her parenting style includes lots of creativity with her daughter, which is very attractive to me (and I'm guessing won't necessarily come easily). 
--- 5 ---
Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?
I've never noticed it before! Dr. Seuss like, if you ask me!
--- 6 ---
Remember those outlet timers I bought?
Well, I've found another use for one!
I stuck a nightlight in our bedroom behind my rocking chair in such a spot where it was always dark enough that the night light was triggered on...
so I plugged it into an outlet timer!
Now, the bulb is on for about 9 hours a day instead of 24!
Go me.
--- 7 ---
Check out the soap in the women's bathroom at work.
 Hilarious, right?
Don't worry, if I had a rough afternoon at work,
I simply went and washed my hands in endless weekend... ;)

Welcome back to Jen
Hope you had a lovely break!

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  1. Um...I can't tell if I already posted this or not. But I think it looks like a smokebush.