Friday, June 20, 2014

Take 106

7 Quick Takes Friday 
Apparently, it's media week!
I have pictures (and a video!) to share with you. 
And I'm sparing you lots of words. :)
  --- 1 ---
Hooray for getting to see my godson, Liam (and Timmy!) 
and my sister's family last weekend!

--- 2 ---
Strawberry season hit our house this week. Fresh local, folks. Do it to it.
--- 3 ---
On Wednesday this week, we had a fabulous storm roll through:
 This is my work parking lot... It didn't capture the darkness, but it was dark!
--- 4 ---
I mentioned Brian working on a bench last week... here it is!
Isn't she beautiful?
--- 5 ---
Did anyone else see this and swoon, like me?
I might want one. So, very impractical.
So. Very. Beaufiful.
--- 6 ---
George hit a major milestone this week!

He accomplished this for the first time on video at my sister's house with two of her boys helping us cheer him on. It was a sweet moment.

Now? We leave him no. where. except the floor and his crib.
This boy rolls over folks.
And then gets mad, because he hates being on his tummy. And can't roll back.
--- 7 ---
Our peonies and dwarf irises are done... 
But our roses are going for it!
Sigh... how I love fresh flowers in my home...

Thanks again to Team Whitaker!

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  1. What a cute video! That arm is always the stinker, getting in the way. :)

    Love the chandelier idea...except I would need a full time maid to keep the table clean as petals fall, I think. :)