Saturday, June 28, 2014

Month Five

Things I love about George 
in the season of month five:

-You roll over! Only to the right... and you can't return back, yet.
-You officially "catch" toys hanging above your head... You're not just swatting!
-You charm people left and right...
Folks behind us at church don't stand a concentratin' chance.
-You've mastered jumping in the johnny-jump-up! You can do a 180 spin if someone grabs your attention and you happen to be facing the wrong way.
-We're working hard to find the boy-equivalent name of Chatty Kathy... because you're mastering chatting with us. It's oh-so-very-sweet. At least, I think so!
-Coming home to you after work is so intensely sweet. Between you and Papa... there ain't no better way to end a day of work!

In short... we continue to fall more in love with you... It's just so easy! 
Here's your latest game... I'd name it, if only I knew what to call it...

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