Friday, May 02, 2014

Take 99

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Lake Michigan welcomed us with open arms last weekend... Friday, which was our main, full day there, was sunny with a chilled wind, but simply perfect. We walked along the beach that day with George sleeping in the bjorn with Brian. It was lovely to get away!

--- 2 ---
Because vacation means spending more time with the camera...
Here's some more "Big Camera" love for you:

 It really did look like that.
It took our breath away!
--- 3 ---
Ok, ok. I can't help it:
The magic hour of photos...

 This boy. Really, I know.
This weekend, he'll become a Christian! Hooray!
--- 4 ---
In other news, the garden!
We broke the bank and I ordered the name brand Mel's Mix.
You can't tell it, but I did plant six squares in addition to our alien rosemary plant in the corner. We have a square of spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, basil and two squares of bush beans. I'm still hoping to plant transplants (not seeds) of strawberries, hot peppers (of some kind), and tomatoes. And no, we haven't had time to lay wood across so that you can see the squares... I managed... but I'm sure Mel wouldn't approve.
--- 5 ---
Brian greeted me last week with, "You would've been so proud of me!" (As usual, I might add.) Well, the story goes that we ordered one of the new city-issued yard waste bins (just like a recycle bin... it has wheels, which is making yard work so much easier!) and they collect yard waste once per week. Simple enough, right? Well, last week, Brian put it out, it was collected, and since he was on spring break, he had that puppy refilled before the day was out. When he heard the trucks circling by again in the late afternoon, he marched his newly full bin to the other side of the street and the guys hilariously gave him a 2-for-1. 

The best part of this? It's totally something I would do.
We're rubbing off on each other. Fo Sho.
--- 6 ---
Thanks to the new laws of 2014, mortgage statements cannot be paperless. They must be mailed each month. Attempt #1 to decrease our household paperwork? Fail.
(So dumb.)
--- 7 ---
Yesterday, I encountered my first Cream Horn.
 Neva Hoid of 'em befo-a.
And, it looks like it's hard to figure out where they came from, exactly.
They're dangerous! Anyone ever had them?
It was very good.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. I love your pictures by the lake! I spent some time in MI and got to visit the lakes a few times and they really are beautiful.
    And I hadn't hears about those new mortgage laws, but mine are still paperless so maybe it's only for some companies?
    God bless you and your family,
    ~ Erika Marie via 7 Quick Takes

  2. I'm wondering if it's an Indiana law? Who knows...

  3. It does seem silly to require paper if *you* want them paperless your bank *wants* to provide them to you paperless. I mean, we're all adults, aren't we? Well, except George...