Friday, May 23, 2014

Take 102

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Congratulations to my cousin, Rob!
We got to head up north to Lansing for his graduation from law school!
We learned that he is indeed a lawyer... without passing the bar.
When he passes the bar and practices, he'll become an attorney.
Learn something new every day, right?
--- 2 ---
Facebook pushed this request to the top of my iPhone app feed.
Please notice that there's no way to not answer them.
I find that highly annoying.
(It's none of your beeswax who I'm employed by, Facebook.)
--- 3 ---
Dear possible future children,
I really did have the best of intentions...
But I did not realize how high I was putting the bar...
How will I ever give monthly updates when I have more than one child?
Oops. :)
--- 4 ---
I find myself needing to RSVP for the Trinity School at Greenlawn senior dinner this year. Which reminds me... At last year's senior dinner, I was a whopping one month pregnant and I looked up from finishing my meal and everyone else at the table was  
maybe a bite or two into theirs.
Brian looked at my plate and then at me. "Wow." haha. 
I've always loved that story.
I was starving! (And then embarrassed.)
--- 5 ---
Thank you, Christin, for the word of the week:
An informal private conversation or discussion.
--- 6 ---
Our spirea exploded this week!
Hip Hip! Hooray!!
I love that bush.
--- 7 ---
I hope to see y'all at the Trinity School at Greenlawn alumni games this weekend!
We'll be there Saturday morning... George and I can't wait to cheer on the alumni!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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