Friday, May 16, 2014

Take 101

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I had a lovely first Mother's Day!
We started out the sunny morning with coffee in the backyard together.
It was simply divine!
Later that same day...
G&ts on the back patio, 80 degrees and Beth P's family recipe book to look through... 
All while Brian was inside cleaning our bathrooms and George was sleeping.
Talk about delightful!
--- 2 ---
We got to go to Indianapolis this past weekend to celebrate Meghan's graduation from PT school! She's a doctor! It was a lovely whirlwind trip where we rediscovered that 80 degrees melts chocolate in the car and George had his first dose (of so-so-so-so many doses) of sunscreen!
--- 3 ---
We have George's birth certificate in hand! Hooray!
It was significantly less painful than I thought it would be.
Next stop? Passports!
Final destination? Mexico!
We're getting excited!
--- 4 ---
I keep getting notifications that people have added me to their Google plus circles.
I seriously have no idea what that means.
I delete every email. I hope I'm not missing out on too much. :)
--- 5 ---
Thanks to Pinterest, Brian put up our old mailbox on the back of the garage near the garden. It has our small shovel, clippers and gardening gloves.
Clever, no? Now I don't need to open the garage as often!
--- 6 ---
I bought a Dutch oven!
I stumbled upon an estate sale in our neighborhood and snatched it up because I'd been looking for one... I came home and Brian noticed it was Le Creuset.
I googled that and discovered that's French for "The Bomb Diggity".
That $20 dutch oven I bought? It's valued at $240 if I were to buy a new one today.
Heck yes. 
We'll be trying this recipe on for size this weekend. :) 
--- 7 ---
I leave you with...
George, our dancin' fool.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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