Saturday, May 03, 2014

Nine Years!

Happy Anniversary to SealeOfRed and CouchOfRed!
(No, it's not Fred... the most common misunderstanding of my URL.)

Here's what I've discovered:
The most viewed post... It has double the amount of views than the next most viewed post.

Basically, I've been writing this blog for nine years,
but George is the real winner.
He's the most loved.
And I can't blame you.
I mean...
Look at that face.

(Fourth most visited? That's right. George.)
So, in honor of George, on this the 9th anniversary, we'll be baptizing him.

PS- the third most visited is likely due to Billy and Becca and this great shot from their wedding. :)
It's been great. Thanks for following, listening and commenting.
You're the best!

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