Friday, April 04, 2014

Take 96

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Exercise (the real kind) has commenced post-George. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good, though I won't admit to it being my favorite.

I do kind of enjoy this new phase where George stares at me while I jump around in my living room with Jillian Michaels yelling at me. It makes me laugh.
It's enjoyable, of course, until George starts screaming and I respond every other jumping jack, "You're ok, George! You're ok!" in a sing-songy voice...
--- 2 ---
I am forever baffled that with all of this technology in all facets of my life, I still get a little memo that my voicemail box is nearing full. I'm of the "gmail archive" generation and got out of the habit of deleting things long ago, which means I never delete my voicemails on my iPhone. With increasing space to store things and gobs of music space on my iPhone, I'll never understand why we still limit voicemail space. I mean, really. It's stingy.
--- 3 ---
I enjoyed this article on reading. I consider myself a reader and did a lot less of it during maternity leave than I anticipated and am always trying to live up to the box I've put myself into (The "Yes, I love to read!" box.) One of my favorite tid-bits from the article is the reminder that if you can find an extra 5 minutes a day, you've actually discovered 35 minutes per week, which seems a lot more impressive!
--- 4 ---
One of the best things I've decided in the past couple of years is to make a priority of calling my Grandma Ginger regularly. I've learned a lot and our friendship has grown, which is very sweet. 
(There's Grandma in the center there, from Thanksgiving.)
I shared with her that I was excited to finally be able to schedule some coffee dates with other mothers this week and she told me that she had spend much time, "Coffee Klatsching" as a mother. (She pronounced it, "Clotching".) I immediately asked what that word meant and she didn't know it wasn't a part of everyone's vocabulary. Isn't that fantastic?! (I'm guessing she ran in circles with women who were from Germany?)

Coffee Klatsching. My new fave.
--- 5 ---
Remember my pulled pork travesty of July of 2013? No? 
Well that's because my post of it was not-so-graphic. 
I remember trying to pull apart that stuff. And it was terrible. Trust me. 
Well, after trying another couple of recipes, I feel like I should tell you of the pulled pork success of 2014:
Slow-Cooked Cuban Pork 
Suddenly, I feel capable of hosting a crowd of 50... as long as I can borrow another crockpot.
The directions are long and involved, but I promise you, it worked! Hooray!
--- 6 ---
Another week of enjoying the "Big Camera":
It was difficult to capture the beauty of the air bubbles in olive oil...
but it was beautiful!

My peace lily in my plant from The Healy Group is about to bloom!
Great expectations!
My boys... handsomer with each day...
--- 7 ---
Aunt Meghan comes to visit us today!
We are beyond excited! Hooray!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Your little one is so cute! Bravo for working out with the little one there - I never had the guts to do it so it's always this mad dash around nap time. Now that he's down to one nap a day I imagine I'm going to have to figure it out. Btw, if you like workout videos is a nice resource and isn't bad either. Or stick with Jillian - she always brings the pain! ;)

  2. Please keep pulling out The Big Camera. You have such a good eye. I love seeing those photos!

  3. 1) I totally read "calling my Grandma Ginger regularly" as "referring to my Grandma as 'Ginger' regularly". Like, as opposed to calling on the phone. HA! I figured it out though.

    2) Speaking of Gingers... George looks EXACTLY like you and EXACTLY like Brian. I love it.