Monday, April 14, 2014

Sleep! What is it good for?!

Absolutely Everything.

This one word, sleep, means so much.
How did such a simple topic start to occupy so much of my mind?
Is this normal for new mothers?

"Are you getting any sleep?"
"Does he sleep through the night?"

These two questions, though they are in the top 1-3 questions to a mother of an infant (in my experience), are actually not at the heart of the issue.

What I spend lots of energy thinking on is whether he's napping during the day and whether those naps are in my arms or on his own. Oh, how I yearn for him to nap on his own... 
in large chunks of time. :)
It makes for a happy Mama and a happy George.
But, I'll admit: even more than hoping for long, independent nap times for George,
I think I'd rather pray for the ability to enjoy short, independent naps and the close snuggles of dependent naps...

Fully enjoy this season, right?


  1. As much as I miss sleep still, I love that Ellie at 18 months still wants to be cuddled to sleep. I love it when she falls asleep in my shoulder or in the carrier.

  2. There was a span of time where Juliet would ONLY sleep in my arms. Both naps and at night... so exhausting. I think she was about 10-12 weeks old. It'll pass!!

  3. Hang in there! These moments will soon seem fleeting! My guy is 6 months old now and has the independent sleeping down pretty well. I miss the snuggles!