Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Month Three

Things I love about George 
in the season of month three:

-This month you started drooling! Just a bit. And you've begun to make mouth bubbles! ...Even though you're not aware that you're doing it. It is cute.
-You've started to use your hands to grab more--and my hair gets pulled!
-You've graduated to a new diaper size! I believe you're about 15 lbs these days...
-You were eating three times a night until I listened to (only!) a few chapters of "Bringing Up Bébé". I learned that maybe you weren't hungry every time you woke. She was right! For two nights in a row, you've nursed once and the other two wakings you were changed, swaddled and went right back to bed. We've gained at least 30 minutes of sleep! :)
-You're really beginning to have a routine... It's like you know it's 7:15 am and you're ready to meet the day... Can you read clocks??
-You chatter oh-so-much... It's quite fun! You dole out smiles and we swoon... It really is quite a delight to live with you!
And, proof that George coughs to communicate:

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