Friday, April 11, 2014

George's Birth Story

Since today is my first afternoon back in the office, I figured it'd be a good time to reflect and remember some of the highlights from the day George was born. My Mom told my birth story every year on my birthday, and I quickly jotted down things I wanted to remember after George was born... and now I can fill in the details 
(while not boring anyone to death, right?)

*      *     *

At 3:30 a.m. on January 26, I knew it was the real thing. Just like they said I would. 
At 10 a.m., we drove to the hospital. It was a bumpy, snowy car ride with contractions. I asked Brian to drive more slowly because of all the pain I was in, only to realize that if he drove slower, we'd get stuck in the snow. I preferred a bumpy car ride to delivering in the car. 
So, he kept on.

When we arrived, I almost cried tears of joy when the nurse (who taught our birth class!) informed me that I was 5-6 cm dilated. 
"I'm not 1 cm and back in the car on my way home? Yippee!" 
{Insert tears here.}

My favorite part (is there such a thing?) of birthing was the hot tub. 
What a fantastic idea to be minimizing the effects of gravity on the situation!

After 15 hours of labor and 30 minutes of pushing, George Clement came into the world.
At about minute 15 of pushing, my midwife (who was fantastic!) reminded me that pushing while my body wasn't contracting was a bit of a waste of energy. 
"Oh?" says I. I just want him out. 
At about minute 20, everyone was smiling. "Do you want to touch his head?
"No." says I. "I just want him out!" 
Out he came, all 7 lbs, 1 oz and 22.25" of him.
He had red hair and they dutifully put him on me for skin to skin.
(I tried really hard to not mind his beautiful stickiness... but, I am who I am.)
(Crazy to think that that bothered me after laboring and birthing, right?)

We got to video chat from the delivery room with Grandma Ginger and tell her that we named our baby boy after her late husband. She cried, we cried and it was lovely. "I was afraid you were going to name him Walter!" she laughed through her tears... 
And we laughed with her. (Well, I think my Dad, Walt, laughed.) :)

As I entered the mother-baby unit of the hospital, I got wind of sprite being available whenever I wanted it. I wanted it. About every hour until I was discharged.

Our first night with George he slept four hours in a row. That was heavenly.
But, before we went to sleep, it seemed like a celebration was in order...
But, with 2 feet of snow on the ground and temperatures hovering in the -30s, I suggested Brian find a vending machine with something sweet in it. He returned and we split a butterfinger and a milky way. I cannot tell you how wonderful those tasted.
(Did I mention I kept maybe 2 chicken fingers down over the 15 hours of labor?)

Family came and went, oohing and aahing over George and getting to know him.
(The staff couldn't get over him either! George, you really were cute from day one.)
We were discretely delivered a way to toast to the new family we became, 
which was a delight. (Thank you to our delivery men.)

The weather continued to deteriorate in the outside world, and there was a ban on driving for our second day in the hospital. So, we had no visitors, which made for a relaxing and nice moment for our new family of three. At the end of day two, Brian warmed up the car for 20 minutes as we tried to protect all of us from the wind chills of -40 degrees. Grandma and Grandpa S. met us at home, we ordered pizza and settled in for our first night.

The next evening, Brian bought me flowers and cooked salmon for our first dinner for 3. 
It was hard to believe we had done it! 
9 10 months of waiting, praying, carrying and anticipating...
And we are so grateful to the Lord for the gift of you!


  1. What a wonderful story that has now become part of your family history! (and no, not boring at all)

  2. Yay! He sure was worth it all!

  3. Awww. That's wonderful! Love the story. :)


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