Friday, March 14, 2014

Take 93

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
On Friday last week, I made an appetizer for a faculty event for Brian.
It was this wonderful moment when I realized that there is absolutely no reason to not enjoy some of this appetizer, thanks to my thrift-store found ramekins!

That's right, no need to deliver a one-dish-food with a corner gone because you had to taste test it... Just put your own portion in a ramekin and bake it! Awesome.
--- 2 ---
Dear Brian and Beth,

Thanks so much for the fan.
It's become such a good friend to me, keeping me company.
I even chat with it.

George Clement

--- 3 ---
 Brian did a little research and discovered:
1 glass of red wine = 3/4 of a clif bar

Chew on that.
Or sip on it...
Whichever you prefer.
--- 4 ---
Thanks to Pinterest, I turned an old cami into a nursing cami.
I've been less than impressed with Old Navy's nursing cami, and I like the comfort of my old faithful being re-purposed to work for this season of life.
(And yes, George slept on my lap like that while I did this.)
--- 5 ---
I have a number of alarms that I want to go off daily, but I don't want sound.
It turns out that iPhones think that this is an unnecessary feature...
You must choose a ringtone.
Well, I took the advice of a random "get around it" website and...
Will record a ringtone in the silence of my basement so that my alarms will only vibrate.
I'm pleased.
--- 6 ---
I wanted to find a way to "decorate" for Lent...
or maybe undecorate?
So, I took away our favorite table runner from our honeymoon in Mexico

and added a vase of bare sticks.
I discovered that creating a "bouquet" that looks good from all angles is nearly impossible...
at least for me.
--- 7 ---
Many thanks to Brian, Beth and Mairin who watched George for an hour last night and for my husband who planned a surprise date sans George to a wine tasting and sandwiches at Chicory Cafe, where we went for our first date. Love that guy. 

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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  1. #6, nice centerpiece, I do the same thing! It reminds me when I walk by that it's Lent.