Friday, March 07, 2014

Take 92

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
This week we made the crib, rocking chair, bed and one dresser fit in our bedroom.
Not our side tables or our second dresser.
I'm still figuring out whether I can survive without the drawers in my side table...
It's looking a bit messy and I'm still trying to not make my side of the room look cluttered.
(Thus, no picture. Ok, I'll admit it. My bed's not made, yet, either.)
--- 2 ---
Thanks to the necessary reorganization of our furniture, we ditched my dresser and I went through all the clothes... The 2 drawers completely full to the brim of clothing set aside as unusable throughout my pregnancy were wrinkled, completely forgotten and shocker... 
most don't fit, yet. (Those that do fit, fit with a belly band. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I mean, we're still in a tundra here in South Bend and I've barely made it outside.)

On the sunny side, by going through all of these clothes, 
I now have 2 drawers full of clothes that all fit.
And that? That feels good.
--- 3 ---
 I ordered myself new succulents with  my birthday money!
(Thanks, Grandma Ginger!)
CalCactus sent me an extra succulent, too!
Many of my succulents bit the dust and I was ready to add new variety to the pot.
Today, the rocks arrive to go over the soil.
--- 4 ---
One morning I found myself curious about a particular topic...
I couldn't help but share how siri answered the question...

 Apparently, it goes from South Bend, IN to Allyn, Washington.
And takes quite a while to get there.
How George receives it from Allyn is beyond me! :)
Siri for the win, once again.
--- 5 ---
I was pretty sure I had already mentioned this on my blog, but alas, 
I searched and could not find.
I would like to publicly state that one of my biggest regrets in life is that Ella Fitzgerald's last performance was while I was alive... and I wasn't there. 
How tragic, right?
I mean, what was so important in the 8th year of my life 
that I couldn't drop everything and go see Ms. Fitzgerald??
That's right, Nothing.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of singers, Brian and I played a fun game at dinner this week.
We mentioned famous singers and tried to guess their year of birth.
I wish I could remember a few of the people we guessed correctly.
Maybe Harry Connick, Jr.?
(Side note: Fred Astaire was born in the 1800's! Say what?! Neither of us were even close on that one!)

All that aside, the important thing of that conversation to share is that we finally clarified the difference between Dolly Parton and Barbra (Yes, that's spelled correctly) Streisand for Brian... Because apparently, those two have been hard for him to differentiate.

Talk about a reason to laugh.
Of which, in the sleep-deprived-infant-season-I'll take any reason.
--- 7 ---
I know we're all sick of winter (See Take 2), but when Brian and I went to Pokagon last week, I had a chance to awaken my love of photography (which is a hobby that was quite set-aside pre-George and post-delivery--so far). It was a delight to capture some of the beauty of winter... even if we're all wishing it to #takeaflippinhike
I leave you my favorite:
Which maybe I'll print for our seasonal photos above the mantel for next winter...

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

Ok, OK:
Quick Take Cheater Number 8
How could I not?
 You're welcome ;)