Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Brian and I have been discussing "Phases" of childhood, but given that today is Ash Wednesday, I'd like to refer to them as "Seasons". Somehow, in a short 6 weeks, I've gone from this season of waiting:

(This was during 6 am morning prayer before an 8 hour day of work--talk about change!)
Then there was going home from the hospital:
And now my days (and nights) are spent rocking, nursing, bouncing, changing, washing, etc...
Some nice moments look like this:
We've discussed wanting to live each season of George's life and appreciate it for what it is--not just wishing it would end so that we can get to the next phase (supposedly because the grass is always greener!).

So, in another 6 short weeks, Lent will be drawing to a close...
And I'm praying for the grace to lean in and learn during this season,
without simply wishing for the Easter season to hurry-up-and-get-here...

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  1. I love every one of these videos. Every one of them.