Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Month Two

 Things I love about George
in the season of month two:
-You smile! You laugh at us and respond to us. What a treat!
-You are seeing better much better! 
-You particularly love our kiwi painting in our living room.
-You went from moving your mouth and trying very hard to make sound come out of it, to absolutely cooing and gooing your way through an entire conversation.
-You are capable of standing up straight when you're mad.  I've changed you out of a onesie with you standing up because you were so unhappy about being changed.
-At night, I let you sleep in the crook of my arm. You turn your face towards mine and in your half-sleepy moments, you smile big with your eyes closed...
It makes waking up 4 times a night bearable... :) 

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