Friday, February 14, 2014

Take 89

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
A special shout-out to all those who have made us meals (and are still going to).
Our freezer is even packed with individual servings of leftovers from these meals...

We are well taken care of!
And each evening we marvel at how helpful it is to not be cooking dinners right now.
(Oh, and we'll need to plug in our deep freezer very soon...)
--- 2 ---
I've been enjoying my new Kindle.
I will say, though, that I began two books and decided to quit reading them.
Highly unimpressed... So, I went back to the Classics section and picked out Emma.
A little Jane Austen to pass the time...
(My teenager-of-the-90s self is shocked by how much I remember from Gwenyth Paltrow in 1996.)
--- 3 ---
 George has been carrying his weight around here...
Well, actually, we've been carrying his weight.
He's been putting it on.
He gained 22 ounces in 10 days and currently weighs 8 lbs 7.5 oz.
Way to go, Kiddo.
(I also had to inform him that not all outfits are slimming...
basically any newborn outfit at this point makes him look... no slim.) :)
--- 4 ---
Brian wins the taxes prize! We have two income lines in our bank account from tax returns because Brian made quick work of filing for us this year.
He's the best.
--- 5 ---
Thanks to Kroger brand duraflame, I had a nice cozy evening with George... 
without any work keeping the fire going...
It was delightful.
Have I mentioned how much I love our home?
--- 6 ---
I've really slacked on the Olympics-watching. The evening broadcasts find me pretty tired and pulling open live streaming has apparently not been top priority.
However, I have seen a few events here and there.
I'm always struck by what human beings are capable of.
--- 7 ---
Happy Valentine's Day!
We don't have any particular traditions around this particular Hallmark goodness,
and we did just have a baby join us in the past 2.5 weeks...
But I am madly in love with my husband...
so we've got that going for us. :)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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