Friday, January 17, 2014

Take 85

7 Quick Takes Friday 
I'm feeling... 9 months pregnant.
Please accept my measly offering. 
Just one photo among them...
and a messy one at that! 
--- 1 ---
This week I discovered how life changing it is for a 9 month pregnant woman to get a couple of new articles of clothing... you know, ones that really fit. 
I highly recommend it.
--- 2 ---
This past Sunday I used up all of my energy making egg rolls.
But, I didn't have to tackle this bucket list item with a baby in one arm... so that's a plus.
I made 20 egg rolls. We discovered that they don't keep very well...
You know, still tasty... but... soggy.
So next time, to a party they go!
--- 3 ---
 At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my final baby shower (3rd!) was this Monday, hosted by my women's group in the People of Praise, and we're both so very honored by how the Lord takes care of us through all of you. Our office/nursery has been painted and is now filled up with things that Thumper will get to use!
Now... if only I could get it all organized! :)
(This picture relays a little bit about how small this room is starting to feel with all that stuff in it!
I will solve that!)
--- 4 ---
My Mama came in this week for a couple of days for my shower.
Thanks, Mama, for a fun lunch out, dinner purchased and prepared for us and chocolates and popcorn with tv shows! It was a treat to have you here.

Next time she comes, we'll both really be mamas!
--- 5 ---
I decided this week that I have really missed out on the cravings part of pregnancy.
If you'd like to suggest something I should crave in the next two weeks, just let me know.
I'm all ears.
--- 6 ---
Aunt Mary Ann gave us a free subscription to Cook's magazine!
We got our first one yesterday... I can't wait to enjoy it!
--- 7 ---
Tonight is Stomp!
Thumper is welcome to come anytime after 10 p.m. tonight.
Due in: 15 days.
Feeling: tired after my first full week of work in over a month.
Grateful for: my husband who is pulling a lot of the household weight. Only figuratively.
Oh, and I need to get on that hospital bag thing.
Avoided like the plague this week it was.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. HEY!!! I'm psyched about that picture!

  2. Not that I've been brave enough to make eggrolls yet myself, but have you tried heating them up in the toaster oven instead of the microwave? I've found that makes a big difference with some fried foods!

  3. Hi Mary! Some (non-pregnancy, of course) cravings I've had that I can recommend: pickles, grilled cheese sandwich, chocolate pudding, macaroni and cheese, pizza ...and you know the norm: chocolate, hot chocolate, brownies, chocolate chip cookies. Best of luck with the cravings! ;)

  4. I devoured prunes when I was 9 months pregnant. Also hamburgers. (I needed the extra iron...)

  5. crispy beef and brownie fudge sundaes =) not together. that would be gross.