Friday, January 10, 2014

Take 84

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Last week I started with a quick summary of vacation...
This week started off with two snow days! With -40 degree windchill and 18" of snow, most of South Bend found themselves indoors for the first couple days of this week.
I will admit that on Tuesday, I was definitely stir crazy. Lots of days of vacation and then being home, my list wasn't quite as long and I do admit that most of the things left on it...
well, I don't want to do them. Which is why they're still on the list. :)
(We did, however, get to taking down Christmas decorations... which was helpful.)

(Just for the record, I feel like any less than full week of work is a gift from the Lord right to this 9 month pregnant woman.)
--- 2 ---
I entered this Christmas season determined to make sugar cookies... You know, the beautiful kind... before next year we have small hands to make the task... er, more exciting. Unfortunately, I never got around to it.
I did, however, get around to making Brian's favorite Christmas cookie.
I would like to tell you... for this OCD-tending woman, the green dye and stickiness and imprecision that goes along with marshmallow cookies made this a labor of pure love. :)
--- 3 ---
In other baking news, I made Snickerdoodle Bread as gifts and saved a loaf for us...
We had so many sweets around that I sliced it and froze it.
Yesterday, I had my first piece. Holy awesome.
(The only change I made was leaving out the cinnamon chips. It was still spectacular.)
Definitely a recipe box addition!
--- 4 ---
On the work front, after becoming a registered representative, they sent me a .pdf of rules and regulations that I was supposed to read. I'm proud to announce that yesterday, I finally finished reading the 177 pages, 4 pages per day since October. Bam.
(I'll be happy to not see the reminder pop up on my computer each morning at 8 a.m.)
--- 5 ---
This week at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I realized I didn't have any of the (several) coupons that were sitting in my mailbox at home... So, I told Brian to text me a picture of one of them. Believe it or not, they scanned the barcode from my iPhone! Right?! Crazy.
--- 6 ---
I have been absolutely loving my new Kindle. Thanks to my pregnancy-induced wrist problems, I love that it's SUPER light to hold. I also appreciate knowing that I'm 20% of the way through a book on nursing a baby (hello, 9,900 page book!) and 50% of the way through Anguished English (hello, laughter!). 

Oh, and today, I take back all of my physical books that I have checked out at the library so that when Thumper comes, I won't have to worry about that. I like that, too!
--- 7 ---
So, I'm in my last month of pregnancy and tomorrow I'm 37 weeks!
While I'd be fine if Thumper arrived at any time, I'd prefer he came after my People of Praise baby shower on Monday, our attendance of STOMP! on Friday next week and our company Christmas party on Saturday next week. Picky, picky, eh? 
(Well, maybe not that picky since I'm not due until February 1st!)

In other news, given my size, I'm having trouble driving with my (one) knee these days.
Talk about inconvenient! :)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Aww, you're looking great! (I shared a baby bump pic in my 7QTs today, but yours is much better!) Those green cookies look quite interesting! ;-)

  2. What a great bump! Wishing you a wonderful last few days full of activity...and joy!

  3. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Very sweet. I'm especially interested in that Snickerdoodle bread! But I have kind of an odd comment for you. This is one of my first times stopping by your blog (here from Jen's) and I noticed that your husband looks very like one of my friends' husbands. They definitely look like they could be brothers or cousins or something. And then I noticed that your husband's name is Brian, which is also my friend's husband's name. (Weird!) And THEN I noticed that you're calling your in-utero baby Thumper. Which is, believe it or not, what my friend (whose name is Jen) and her husband Brian just called their most recent baby when she was pregnant with him. (Super weird!) The baby was born in December; they ended up naming him Chandler. Anyway, enough with the weirdness. Congratulations and best of luck with your little one!

  4. Um, recipe for Snickerdoodle bread, please? Also, thanks for the book tip on Anguished English. Looks like something *right* up my alley!