Friday, January 03, 2014

Take 83

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Christmas! Vacation! It's all been a delight.
With twelve days off, I've had a wonderful mix of both relaxing and getting some things done before Thumper arrives. Many family gatherings and many mornings of snow with no where to go made it simply perfect!
--- 2 ---
Brian's family hosted a baby shower for me this past weekend. I continue to be floored by the generosity of our friends and family! So many cute clothes and practical items to get us on our feet as a family. I'm so very grateful.
--- 3 ---
I'd like to boast about my almost-ten-year-old cousin, Bonnie. She gave me a thank you card for her Christmas present on December 28. She wins the prize!
--- 4 ---
For house projects, Brian tackled painting the office/future nursery and putting up cornices in the living room. 
 Before and After...
 The new cornice...
(For the record, I find window treatments to be the most intimidating part of making a house a home.)
I'm so pleased with that progress! Both things have been on the list for a while, so it's fun to see them taking shape.
--- 5 ---
For Thumper-preparation (we're 29 days from the due date, folks!), I finished all the baby laundry, unpacked the shower gifts, put the carseat in the car and made 5 freezer meal dinners. So far, we have one slow cooker pork loin, 2 lasagnas and 2 potato soups. Hoping to make enchiladas, zucchini bread and ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookie dough balls.
Any other strong suggestions?

(I haven't packed a hospital bag. I'm just not ready for that.)
--- 6 ---
In other news, I'd like to dedicate this entire post to the K. women who cleaned every inch of my house this week. That's right! Every. Inch. I'm SO grateful for that. They even washed our kitchen floor on hands-and-knees...
(which I've been incapable of and have wanted to do for some time now!)
--- 7 ---
Three cheers for Brian who is finishing writing evals this weekend, which is a twice-a-year-monster-of-a-job for Trinity teachers.
Lovely to see y'all in the year 2014!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Wow! What a great group of friends to come clean your house before baby arrives! You are blessed indeed.