Friday, December 13, 2013

Take 81

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I would like to promote two companies. No, I'm not being paid.
Bed, Bath & Beyond sent me away with a brand new kitchen aid this week. My motor was acting funny and this machine has already been replaced once by Kitchen Aid themselves. They didn't even look it up to make sure it was actually on my registry and I didn't have the receipt or box. I just walked back, got a new one and left. Amazing.
--- 2 ---
In other happy-customer news, Alex's Shoe Hospital in downtown South Bend took my black dress boots and repaired the heel and made the leather around the heel look as good as new... for $8.56. That's right folks, fabulous work and this guy could seriously charge at least double that for making my leather boots last longer. Amazing.
--- 3 ---
I finally started Thumper's baby blanket. For some reason, I've always envisioned myself being so old and matronly when pregnant with my first child, rocking in a rocking chair and crocheting. Well, I don't use the rocking chair, I don't feel matronly and I'm excited about a striped chevron blanket. 

--- 4 ---
Last night was our Non-Book Club Neighborhood Walking Wine Walk! 6 homes were opened to us, we enjoyed each other's decorations and the weather was tolerable as we traveled between homes. It was a great idea and I do hope it's the first of an annual tradition!
--- 5 ---
Many of you cloth diaper lovers have offered advice... Here's my question:
What do I need besides diapers, the inserts (cloth or otherwise) and a wet bag for my diaper bag? Specifically, what items at home make the process go smoothly for you? Because that's what I want to add to my registry!
--- 6 ---
When I was younger, my Dad's friend from work, Dan O., gave him a Christmas mix CD of funny Christmas songs... Thanks to him, I've always enjoyed "I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas".  (Can you believe that voice comes out of that little girl? Wow!)
--- 7 ---
We purchased a Kindle! Happy early Christmas to us!
It was on our list for me for when Thumper arrives so that I can read one-handed while nursing... It's so light! I'm very excited. Book recommendations, anyone?

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Get two large wet bags for the house; hang on a corner of the changing table. No need to bother with a diaper pail. I used big Rubbermaid trash cans, with a flip top lid, for years. That works well, too.
    Get your handy husband to install a diaper sprayer at the toilet; needed after baby is one and the poops are awful.
    If you can get your changing table/station in the bathroom it is awesome. If not, a diaper pail/ wet bag by the toilet (and the sprayer) will become essential once baby is eating solids.
    Greenmountaindiapers diapers is my favorite website for diaper stuff. Also love Motherease.

  2. Yes - Get a diaper sprayer, or make one. We just found an internet tutorial and made one ourselves. It's really handy for not only spraying the poopy diapers, but for washing out the diaper pail.

    We use our old Diaper Dekor as a diaper pail and use pail liners in it. Many people use rubbermaid trash cans and those work too.

    I have a hanging wet bag that i use only for poopy diapers, so I don't have to carry a drippy wet formerly poopy diaper downstairs to the pail (the sprayer is upstairs in our master bathroom). I just put a contact hook on the wall and hang it there. My favorite is the Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry bag.

    Also - we use cloth wipes. I use baby wash cloths and just spray them with the solution as needed.

  3. Isn't it nice when companies act the way they should?

    And great start to your blanket! I was actually working on finishing my son's baby blanket *while* I was in labor with him. :)

  4. Hoo boy. Asking about cloth diapering is opening a huge can o' worms. :-)

    1. Have you found Abby's Lane yet? They're fabulous - free shipping all the time, stuff on sale all the time, giveaways, awesome blog, and super helpful with the responses via email or their facebook or twitter when it comes to diapering questions.
    2. I guess it all depends on what diapering system you're planning on using. I'm a Cheapy McCheaperson, so I do prefolds and covers with wipes made from a giant piece of flannel that I bought (on sale) and cut into squares and wet with plain ol' water. I don't bother with a pail - just a wet bag (well, 3 - I usually fill 2 of them most of the way before washing and like to have one clean at all times) that I can haul the diapers down to the washer and just toss in with them.
    3. That said, what I have in my diaper bag (since you said bag) besides the diapers and wipes:
    -a wet bag for dirty diapers (I like PlanetWise)
    -a bottle filled with water to wet the wipes or deal with other cleaning emergencies
    -an extra cover
    -a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer
    -a changing pad
    -an extra set of clothes (when I remember to replenish it)
    -a small bottle of baby wash/shampoo just in case
    -an insert for nighttime if we're going to be out late enough
    Because really, that's all you need. Everything else is cake.
    4. Different people will suggest different brands of detergent, and it really depends if they're doing diapers primarily for cost effectiveness or environmental friendliness. That said, sometimes it takes a little experimenting to find one that works. The first detergent we used gave Rosie such a nasty rash that I'm still trying to perfect a balance of cleaning using a free and clear detergent without leaving a residue of either detergent or nastiness, and she's turning 2 in March.

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