Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

Thanks to having one more year without a cute child in the house, we did our traditional "Christmas email" instead of sending out a picture of the two of us. :) So, today, instead of 7 Quick Takes... you get to hear how our year has been... in case you haven't seen all of the blog over the past year :)

Merry Christmas!
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Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas! Another year is drawing to a close and we wanted to send along our love to all of you.

We've had a fantastic year, which included an Easter vacation in California with our friends Michael and Gina and their daughter, Stella. We got to see some of each of our families and enjoyed wine tasting and relaxing. We highly recommend this trip!

The second half of this year has revolved around preparing for family life! I'm due with our first (boy!) on February 1st. We're more than excited to meet our very active kicker and can't wait for you to meet him, too!

As part of preparation for this next phase, I took on a new job! I spent an intense autumn studying for 3 exams that have made me a "Registered Representative". I enjoy my new job working for a family friend who is a financial advisor and I've learned a lot and will, I'm certain, continue to learn much more!

Brian continues to teach at Trinity School at Greenlawn and has enjoyed coaching 7th and 8th grade boys' soccer again this year. The team had a spectacular season! He's also been able to take on a few more roles and administrative jobs for the school. It's a work of the Lord's that we're both glad he's a part of!

We pray that this finds you well and we hope to hear from you!
God bless!
Mary, Brian & Thumper

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