Friday, November 22, 2013

Take 79

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Brian spent last Saturday winterizing our property. The patio table is put away, the shed and garage are both organized and the car fits in our (one car) garage, again!
I'm so grateful for that!
(Just in time for the tornado warnings that came the next day, which thankfully left our property without any damage, though many friends were without power for days.)
--- 2 ---
I have created a new measure for a successful weekend:
This past weekend, I used every attachment for my kitchen aid!
That is a sure sign of success in my book.
--- 3 ---
One of the things I made was a red pink velvet cake.
I couldn't fathom putting over 3 bottles of red dye in...
So I didn't.
--- 4 ---
I have absolutely no need for a napkin on my lap.
That's what my baby and belly are for, apparently.
(Pregnant women must become laundry experts!)
--- 5 ---
What's cheaper at Sam's Club?
Thanks to a new-to-me and free-to-me membership, I went and did some price comparison... So, at least in South Bend, when comparing to Kroger and Aldi, 
chocolate chips, body wash, Diet Coke, fabric softener, parchment paper 
and toothpaste are all cheaper at Sam's.
But, the real winner is Venus razor refills.
They're $2/refill compared to $3.25/refill at Kroger.
But really... that's still so expensive! 
How do they get away with that??
--- 6 ---
My brother-in-law made it to the Notre Dame intra-hall football championship!
That means that this Sunday, we get to cheer him on in the Notre Dame stadium!
Way to go, Keough and Patrick!
--- 7 ---
Everyone seems to agree that this week has been the longest! I'm certainly looking forward to a short week next week and then getting to see family.
this weekend is the Action Retreat for the People of Praise Action Division in South Bend, so feel free to pray that the Holy Spirit comes and moves in our hearts!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. You live in South Bend? We lived there for a couple of years after we got married. (I miss the super cheap cost of living there! And the awesome-sauce library. I actually worked at the downtown library for a while--best job ever!) That cake looks absolutely amazing. And I think I would have left some of the dye out too, that sure seems excessive! Have a great week!

  2. Up here in the Detroit metro area, bananas, eggs and milk are cheaper at Sam's too. Also, Nesquik...we go through a lot of Nesquik.

  3. Thanks, ladies! Yes, cost of living in South Bend is delightfully low!