Friday, November 01, 2013

Take 76

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I hit a slight brick wall last night with Series 63. I have not missed my calling in the legal world... we can be most certain of that. If I can pass this exam, this will be my last weekend of studying, and I'll tell ya what--I'll be most delighted to be done with all of this!
(And, thanks be to God, it's date night. I'm leaving all that material untouched, on my desk tonight!)
--- 2 ---
This weekend I'm starting a baby registry.
If you know of "must have" items... comment them. I need to know. :)
--- 3 ---
Shout out to Clothes Mentor and a big thanks for $10 leather Naturalizer work shoes!
(They also have a maternity section. Go them.)
--- 4 ---
Did you know that it's "Brussels Sprout" and not "Brussel Sprout"?
That's right... as in Brussels the place! Who knew? I certainly didn't.
We bought some last week at the co-op... on the branch!
--- 5 ---
Thanks to being on the other side of the Series 7, I'm indulging in grocery shopping! Brian has been doing it for over a month and I'm so excited for some routine back in my life!
It's the simple things in life.
--- 6 ---
In the mornings I usually end prayer with the Lord's Prayer and thought I'd share with you that for some reason, that has meant for at least the past year and a half that I hum along to Michael W. Smith's "The Lord's Prayer"while getting ready for the day.
I try not to fall into this every day... but I still do.
Enjoy, children of the 80s.
--- 7 ---
This weekend we get an extra hour of sleep!
Count me in!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Nosefrida. It's a nasal aspirator, and it's the number one best purchase I've EVER made for a baby.


    The swaddlers and cloth diapers and clothes and bumbos and swings and bouncy seats and whatevers totally depend on the baby, but the nosefrida is the ONLY snotsucker worth buying, and it's so much better and gentler than the one they'll give you at the hospital!

  2. That Michael W. Smith song brings back many memories for me. A classic for sure. :)