Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life is beautiful

There was a certain something that came alive in me when I celebrated the Lord's Day (a special meal on Saturday to open the sabbath with friends) at Bridget D's home. There was just something about the beauty of the meal she served us, the way the martini tray was set just right and the beautiful wooden furniture that was clearly picked with care...
Something in me was sparked.
I desire to make our experience of life a celebration, something beautiful.
I have made french press coffee every Saturday and Sunday morning since then.
And I'm delighted by it.
There's something in the act of making a house a home.
It can be small, like drawing on the chalkboard or wiping the counter.
It can be bigger, like reupholstering the dining room chairs or painting a room.
 I'm grateful to Bridget for awakening something in me that
urges me to make our house a home,
for all to enjoy.
I am grateful for all the Lord has given us, 
and I want it to be beautiful and to glorify Him.


  1. Thank you for this post, Mary! I love seeing both your beautiful photos and your home.

  2. Like. Wish I had been there.