Friday, October 25, 2013

Take 75

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I passed!
 Series 7 is over. I haven't studied in three days!
And I watched a TV show!
(I have one more exam: Series 63. Class starts Monday and it's a 4 day class and will quickly be followed by the ~1.5 hour exam the next week. About 50% of the content I've already seen in Series 7. Sigh of big relief...)
--- 2 ---
Bridget D. gave us a beautiful loaf of bread this week!
Oh, was it divine... (And there's more...)
--- 3 ---
Praise God for a small computer miracle... the water glass tipped over and spilled... I did all the right emergency procedures and turned it on three days later... 
The fan chugged and chugged for days (while I was studying) and then... It died. 
The screen went black and everything powered down. 
So, I took it downstairs, plugged it in, restarted it... and all is well.
(Of course, my battery now says, "Replace soon"... but it's still working.)
--- 4 ---
Thumper is getting between me and tying my shoes.
It's a real pain. 
I need slip-ons. for every day of the week.
--- 5 ---
This week, I took a walk in snow!
Crazy, right? I was delighted.
--- 6 ---
I don't know if other people feel this way, but this week I realized that in my mind, store-bought goodies are intrinsically worse for me than homemade ones.
Homemade cookies? I'll take 5. 
Store bought cookie? I don't know... I should probably only have one.
Homemade caramel? Shoe-a! Store bought caramel? Meh.
Isn't that interesting? I wonder if I should bake more...
--- 7 ---
This weekend is our women's retreat! Looking forward to a study-free 
weekend and spending it with my sisters. The topic is ecumenism.

Shout out to Jen, as she's headed to a conference!


  1. Ahhh, we just had that retreat and it was AWESOME! I wouldn't call it study-free, but it's the fun kind and you won't be tested afterward ;-)

  2. We were in SB for a wedding and had time to kill between the ceremony and reception so we checked out the Main Street Coffee Shop...Insane bakery goods...Their Nutcracker Suite Coffee....delicious.