Friday, October 18, 2013

Take 74

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Thanks to my cousin, Colleen, I have been officially informed that
Miss Clavel is not a nun.
And Madeline is not an orphan.
Ok, so maybe it's not my whole world, but, it's definitely turned upside-down, now.
--- 2 ---
I had a not-so-banner-day this week because I worked through lunch (ok, maybe a few other things affected the day, too). I got a little over-zealous with the studying
thing and came home utterly exhausted.

I have learned my lesson: take that lunch. Take that break.
--- 3 ---
At the end of this not-so-banner-day, I took a nap, had dinner and watched a show with Brian (my first show since beginning to study for the Series 7) and then Margot, Gloria (Happy 4th birthday!) and John knocked on our door and delivered us pumpkin cookies (with frosting!). These events made the end of the day so much better
and then my score increased on my practice final...

I'm sure because of the pumpkin cookies.
--- 4 ---
I fell for the pretty sponge marketing. Which is annoying.
Because what you're looking at is a hard, plasticy surface that scrubs not a thing.
And, it came in a pack of two. Argh.
--- 5 ---
Brian and I have been fighting a battle.
We are on the same team and these past two weeks we have been taking on the fruit fly population. I say population because well... it gives you an idea.
I put out coffins ramekins filled with wine and covered with saran wrap with tiny holes.
I just wanted you to know that we won.
I haven't seen any in 3 days.
(Knock on wood.)
--- 6 ---
Tonight is Trinity School at Greenlawn's Mosaic!
I hope to see you there!
--- 7 ---
This weekend is going to be fabulous!
We get to see family from California!
Sunday is Covenant Sunday!
(Here I was-3 years ago!-when I made covenant.)
Cheers to the People of Praise, ND,
family and hopefully the CA weather they'll bring with them!

By the way, Jen's husband chose Decoy wine for one of his top Weekend Wines under $15! 
Go see the proof that the Fulwiler's appreciate Uncle Mike's grapes.
(Go see Uncle Mike here... carving a turkey. Sigh... I miss California.)


  1. That is shocking about Miss Clavel. More shocking that Madeline is not French!

  2. Not French?! Not a nun?! Not an orphan?! What the whaaaaat!??!?