Friday, September 13, 2013

Take 69

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
This week was the great coffee spill of 2013.
I dropped this entire cup of coffee. Not even a small sip had entered my mouth.
And because the bottom of the handle popped off first, the coffee just seeped out.
It spread under the sofa, did not hit the rug and got a mere few drops on the side of the sofa.
For 5:30 a.m., I simply couldn't have been more lucky.
And my coffee gets sugar and milk... so spills are never pretty.
(Did I mention it was my favorite mug? So sad.)
--- 2 ---
I no longer walk to Trinity for work. I drive to about 12 minutes away, but I take the same road north that many Trinity families take south to get to school. I feel like I'm almost in carpool. I see at least 3 vans full of people I know in the mornings. I got my first wave this week. :)

Feel free to give me a shout out if you ever see me!
--- 3 ---
Tomorrow, I'll be 5 months pregnant! I'm happy to report that I have definitely felt the baby--and now, so has Brian! It's not consistent or particularly strong, but what a feeling!
(So much better than the sciatica nerve I've also discovered as of late!)
--- 4 ---
We have had the pleasure recently to have quite a few people over for dinner. Sometimes things just click and you're free, they're free and hospitality happens!. It's been such a blessing. One particular shining moment was between the wedding and reception for Annie and Jonathan, a bunch of out-of-town family stopped by for a quick drink and bite to eat...
We just love getting to host people!
--- 5 ---
Autumn is coming!
I'm so ready to kiss the 90 degree days goodbye, see my lettuce and spinach sprout up and feel a chill in the air and a crunch under my feet... I love this time of year!

Maybe I'll make smittenkitchen's apple cider caramels again this year... 
 Sooooo good.
--- 6 ---
Even though autumn is coming, I found this beautiful weed on the jungle side of our garage:
 This flower has been on our dining room table for almost a week and has not started to die, yet!
I love it... and wish I hadn't pulled its entire bulb out of the ground. ;)
--- 7 ---
Today is Fun Friday at work. We're supposed to wear attire of our favorite team (any team) in honor of the theme, which is football. This gal has one shirt that fits that category (thanks for the Yankees shirt, Dad!). It didn't occur to me until last night that I might not fit into it...

Wish me luck.
And have a great weekend!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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  1. I love that flower! Here, Saints attire on Fridays is almost the dress code in many workplaces.