Friday, September 06, 2013

Take 68

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Our mantel has moved from winter photos to summer photos!
We had a great idea last winter to have a seasonally filled set of frames...
They were still winter photos when I replaced them this week.
(And because of 7 Quick Takes Friday, I know that it's been 33 weeks. heh.)
And I'm very pleased!
(And I ordered the fall photos at the same time... so we we're ahead of the game.)
--- 2 ---
I've run into an interesting problem with working in the realm of print
Sometimes the moody, darker images (which I often prefer on my computer) don't translate to being very good photos in print. I fell prey to that on two of our summer mantel photos... they're so moody that you can't really decipher the photo from the other side of the living room... 

--- 3 ---
We designated labor day as yard work day here at the C. house. 
On a typical two day weekend, I have trouble ever making it to yard work... Between catching up on to-do list items, inside chores, baking and grocery shopping, I'm always wiped by the end of the day... So I suggested we take advantage of our three day weekend!

We weeded, laid protective paper and mulched 3 major areas: under the kitchen window, along the back left fence, and under the front right window of the house. I'm super pleased with the results and am secretly hoping for many more 3 day weekends...
I'm convinced we can continue to conquer our yard! Together! :)
(Thanks to past owners, we have plenty of potential with our beautiful plants. I'm very grateful to them who planned to always have our yard blooming somehow.)
When reading that last sentence, please ignore the dying lilac bush in the photo above. We've discovered they've planted it in the wrong (Shadiest!) spot of the yard and are determined to simply remove it and move on.
--- 4 ---
I passed!
My Life & Health class and exam are over.
I've started my Series 7 class and will study in all my free time until mid-October when I take the 6 hour exam. It's the hardest exam of the fall. Wish me luck.
--- 5 ---
Brian is in the thick of coaching 7th and 8th grade boys' soccer! They've won their first game (3-2) and I just love how much he enjoys this part of the year. I didn't make it to the game, but rest assured, I will go to some... because I love to watch him coach.
--- 6 ---
I've entered the world of clothing in the child-bearing years. I've officially started an entire drawer (that is full) dedicated to "Small clothing". That's not size small, that's too small for me. In other related news, Amy B. blessed me with some clothes to borrow and I owe the fact that I have anything worthy of wearing to a wedding this weekend to her. Thanks, Amy!
--- 7 ---
Speaking of a wedding... Hooray for Annie and Jonathan!
We can't wait to celebrate their marriage this weekend!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!

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