Friday, August 30, 2013

Take 67

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Today is my last day of my Life and Health Insurance course. 4 days of classtime, 7 take home quizzes, 300 pages of material and 5 students all taught by a 22 year old from Evansville... Check. Exam comes next Tuesday and I plan to pass. 

(See former declaration.)
--- 2 ---
Our household is on the verge of lots of homemade salsa! Our puny tomato plants made it alright (even through the drought of what I like to call... 1st trimester sofa sitting) and I'm eager to see all these guys turn bright red!
--- 3 ---
I've been taking pretty regular walks these days... because let's face it, I'm done wogging. 4.5 months pregnant, and I simply think that running is... well... not something I'm going to do (even if it's only 1/3 of my walk). BUT, I thought I'd report that I'm happily seeing some crunchy leaves on sidewalks... (Ok, maybe they're from the sicker trees, but at least it's a sign that the 90 degree heat won't last forever!) 
 (PS- I'm hoping the owners of this house invite me in for a tour someday. They redid this abandoned house from the inside out... roof, windows, new garage doors, etc.)
--- 4 ---
Spiderwebs are not my friend. We have a spider that is the current owner of our backyard.
This guy is large enough that his web spreads about 8-10' into the backyard.
I'm so afraid that someday I'm going to meet him face-to-face when I'm making a bee-line to the hammock... The other morning, I forgot about him, and I got just web, thank God, on my face, arms, outfit, etc. That is just the worse... the feeling is just... uch.
--- 5 ---
Brian has been researching sustainable lawns. We have a front yard which is relatively small and shaded most of the day. It's not ideal for grass and we've found some pretty cool photos of grass that's long that never needs to be watered, ivy that takes over (and can be trimmed into beautiful designs and some fabulous modern Southwest looking designs.

For example, we found this concept to be very intriguing. (Not that it works for a front yard, but it is very cool to think about.) Did I mention that my husband is the best at researching?

We haven't made any decisions, but we might be kissing dying, needs-to-be-watered lawns goodbye for our front yard...
--- 6 ---
This week marks the first of 5 consecutive ND game Saturdays (one week off, then 4 more consecutive weeks, one more week off, then 2 more). I've officially started to associate the cooler temperatures in town with the joys of the ND games and their spirit. 

Yes, all the games are on our calendar.
And yes, I did just count them all
(I feel like we should all sing, "Love thee Notre Dame!")
--- 7 ---
We're grateful to spend a day with Aunt Laurie and Uncle Glenn, too! Cheers to family, hospitality, ND Games and a chance to kick-back and relax for 3 whole days!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Yikes! A 10 foot spider web?!? That would creep me out. I hate any type of spider and tend to go on spider-killing rampages when I see more than one in a day.

  2. Terry and I looked into using buffalo grass once. I can't remember why we didn't use it. I think it is shorter than the grass in the pictures of lawn and didn't need cutting.

  3. I hate running into a spider web! I'm convinced the spider is somewhere on me, just hiding out, waiting to get his revenge when I least expect it!

    Out tomatoes look terrible. The plants look good, but very few tomatoes. I'm not sure what happened?

  4. I'll look into Buffalo grass--thanks! Our tomato plants have lots of fruit and look ok, but I haven't been impressed with the quality, yet... But, maybe it'll improve? :) I'm no expert-if it grows, I praise God and eat it! :)