Friday, August 02, 2013

Take 63

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I've started a new job! Leaving Trinity is certainly bittersweet, especially ending my office sharing time with Gina, but I'm happy to start a new adventure at The Healy GroupThere are many reasons why this change seems to be from the Lord, 
and I'm very grateful.
Series 7, I'm coming for you and plan to conquer you.
[So help me God.          No really, God, please help me.]
--- 2 ---
One week ago today, we celebrated date night with an early from work departure thanks to the power and internet outages. Brian and I booked it to St. Joe, MI, enjoyed pizza for dinner, settin' in chairs on the beach and a stroll through downtown. We discovered the Olive Cart and have told almost everyone we've seen since. I mean, tasting olive oils and balsamic vinegars like you might taste wines? Crazy! We bought one. :)
--- 3 ---
With a new job, I'm looking at work hours that spread to the actual work day... which will be something new for me (8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a 1 hour lunch). I actually look forward to having an hour off in the middle of the day and being closer to stores where I can run errands... (Just yesterday I accomplished 3 errands in on hour!) On the other hand, I'm starting to think seriously about simpler dinners that can be done quickly after work. (Ex: slow cooker meals, fish/seafood that cooks quickly, etc.)

Have any favorites that you want to share? I'm all ears eyes.
--- 4 ---
I've been watching these photographers' blogs for some time, now. 
I enjoyed this particular post of their son's questions. :)
--- 5 ---
Pimentos. What are they?
Chili Peppers! Who knew. Not I said the Couch.
--- 6 ---
Please excuse the poor quality of this edited iPhone photo...
But, as Meghan and I walked home last night, I said, "Isn't it kind of pretty?"
And she said, "Welcome to your log cabin!"
And I felt at home. :)

 Come Monday, Come Paint!
(Brian is my hero!)
--- 7 ---
We have another wedding this weekend!
(And two more before the end of September!)
Cheers to Anne and Jeremy!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. #2: Hooray! Hooray! On all levels! :)

    Hmmm...I have a few, but I think, frankly, that if you go take a gander at Pinterest and just start trying some crock pot recipes you'll find plenty. I will say I did a plain old ham in there the other day, 8 hours on low, nothing but a quarter cup of water in the bottom, and it came out very well. So think out of the box.

  2. This is my favorite slow-cooker recipe. SO easy!

  3. ....well that's a disturbingly small world. I just clicked over here for the first time from Jen's 7 Quick Takes, recognized all the Trinity School and People of Praise comments, clicked to comment, and saw that my college roommate had already visited. Hi Becca! And hi Mrs. Mary Virginia - if you know Becca then you have awesome friends :).

  4. Hi Sarah! I'm actually married to Becca's cousin... so the world gets smaller! :) Thanks for visiting!