Friday, July 26, 2013

Take 62

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Ten points for you if you can enjoy this Onion article.
It is actually impossible for me to know how many times I've seen that movie...
Second only to Sleepless in Seattle ;)
--- 2 ---
The cicadas and crickets have made their presence known. I'm not sure when it started, but it hasn't been for long and I'll admit it: I love their sound at night. It's so soothing and pleasant. It makes me want to sleep with the windows open...
--- 3 ---
We had an open house "finish the kegs from the wedding" party on Sunday evening this past week and we called it a "Bring your own Meat" party and left the grill on. It was a smashing success! As proof of the age old question, we ended up with a bag of 2 hot dog buns. 

You know, I always agree with George Banks on this one:
I need to see this movie again ASAP.

(The last time I tried to watch it, I was engaged and it was the original version... 
I basically had to turn it off when the invitation card scene came on--it was simply too close to home. hah.)
--- 4 ---
Our yard is practically a different place than last year!
We had a wonderful week of 70 degree weather in March last year, followed by lots of frost for several weeks... Needless to say, lots of plants didn't make it out very well, but it was our first summer in the yard. So we had no idea we even had gladiolas! But we definitely do:
 Grandpa Bud always loved these...
--- 5 ---
In other yard news, my garden is moving along slowly 
(I've been banking on late produce this year... and I was right...) 
My peppers have begun to show their faces... just like our tomatoes:
--- 6 ---
One is a trouper. 
Not a trooper.
I'm guessing Auntie Leila didn't mean for that to be (one of) the biggest 
take-aways from her post, but it definitely was.
--- 7 ---
Brian has been giving all he has for our home. Neighbors, friends and strangers can't help but stop and stare when they realize that a homeowner is painstakingly stripping 70 years of paint off his home. He's officially stripped all the paint and the next step is to sand all the beautiful cedar wood. From what we hear, when prepping is all complete, actually painting the house is dramatically anticlimactic--it takes about 2 days. 

(We'll be going with a slightly darker, slatier blue... though it isn't picked out, yet.)

Thanks for hosting, Jen!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love seeing fresh paint on or in my house. All we did was the trim, the rest of the house is brick, and it makes a real difference.