Friday, July 19, 2013

Take 61

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I have to admit that I don't really use Pinterest. I don't pin anything, but I'm a happy searcher and browser. But, I remembered a little project and asked Brian if I should try it...
"Yes!" He replied.

We're now growing a new batch of green onions from last week's store bought bunch.
So cool.
--- 2 ---
Popsicle is a proper noun.
Crazy, right?

Side note: I admit to going to the store for Popsicles and graduating to ice cream.
I just couldn't refuse the mint chocolate chip.
--- 3 ---
Bugsy Malone. A 70's movie I grew up on.
Mobsters played by 12-16 year olds. Fabulous.
Here is a clip of the most quoted line (by me)...
"No dumb bums we ain't!"
--- 4 ---
Meghan heard my desire for cookies and made some for me while I
was out shopping this past Saturday. Isn't she the best?
--- 5 ---
My mother owned a Cuisinart food processor. I own one, now.
I use it regularly for hummus, occasionally for slicing veggies and will likely use it more if our household has more people in it. 
It took me roughly my whole life (thus far) to realize that the symbol on top of the blade is an indicator of what angle you're supposed to drop the blade onto the machine. 

All that twisting, shifting and guessing until it drops in...
No more! I learn slowly- but at least I learn! ;)
--- 6 ---
This was posted by Kathryn K. on Facebook, yesterday.
I'm particularly moved by the last one, having loved my grandma who was a nurse and suffered from Alzheimers before she passed away.
But Lord knows, she's probably lookin' more like this in heaven, now.
--- 7 ---
Tomorrow is Joe and Sarah's big day!
I look forward to celebrating their wedding!
(I'm also praying for no reception "hiccups"!)
Praise God for new marriages.

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. I totally did not know that about the cuisinart!

    I loved that art on facebook and I LOVE the other picture of your grandma.

    Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. Mary, I love that you pointed out this Cuisinart detail. I have already used it! Thanks!