Friday, July 05, 2013

Take 59

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Brian is a Tough Mudder x2. 

 These guys did a fabulous job and finished in 3 hours. This is a ridiculously short time!
Their team was in honor of Nick, who is our cousin, and is starting rehab after an accident on an Action trip. Feel free to join us in prayer for his quick  and full recovery!
--- 2 ---
Brian took over dinner on Monday evening this week so that I could finally get around to some gardening. I'd like to proclaim my distaste for these bugs:

Our cabbage really took a hit and I found 4 of them while messing around in the garden that day, and many more throughout the week.
Let's hope we still get some red cabbage this year!
--- 3 ---
The internet can be a baffling place. I've always wondered why my banana will turn much more brown during a walk to work, so I googled it.
And very quickly found a website that will tell me how to eat a banana.
But, in all seriousness, bananas get more brown with warmer temperatures
Now I know!
--- 4 ---
You know you're from the Mid-West when...
You go to spell "Meyer Lemon," "Meijer Lemon".
--- 5 ---
This week at dinner, two Barbra Streisand songs were belted out loud.
That's right. You wish you lived with us, too.
--- 6 ---
Pulled Pork.
Seriously, people, I'm missing something. I made pulled pork this week--10lbs of pork shoulder (partial skin on-ew and bone-in) in the slow cooker for 4.5 hours. Thanks to Meghan who learned from her mama how to put pork shoulder through the food processor, because this stuff was not "ripable". It was super labor intensive and I can't figure out how people make this stuff en masse for crowds of 50. Someone help me, because I like to eat it.
--- 7 ---
Leavin' on a jetplane on Sunday!
I get to go to River Ridge to do some Raiser's Edge training. Looking forward to getting to work in person with coworkers where there are usually only emails and phone calls!

Thanks for hosting, Jen!


  1. Pete makes a fabulous carolina-style pulled pork ... but I am pretty sure it is in the crock pot for 24 hours!

  2. Why isn't "Barbara Streisand" a label?

  3. Ha! I learned how to make perfect pulled pork from Ginni Gionfriddo. The answer is in the family! Perfectly pull apart-able every time. I do think the key is in low temp for a long time. I'll give youo the recipe when I get back home. Did you sing, "B pull? B pull who need B pull"?